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            Main products
            The company focuses on the non-standard customization and standard parts production of various precision gears, tooth shafts, worm gears, and synchronous wheel sprockets
            Customized according to drawings to meet your high-precision needs
            ABOUT BENDA
            Ningbo Zhenhai Benda Gear Wheel Co.,Ltd.
            Ningbo Zhenhai Benda Gear Co. Ltd., formerly known as Ningbo Lixin machinery factory, located in the beautiful coast of the East China Sea -- Ningbo Zhenhai camel industrial park.The company was founded in 1982, after thirty years of cultivatement, constantly "pioneering, innovation", with advanced technology and consequentlyphisticated equipment,producing all kinds of gear, gear shaft, worm wheel and worm。
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            Application industry
            Focus on the field of equipment, we are trustworthy
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            Powerful manufacturers in the field of gear manufacturing to provide you with higher standards of service